Garage Door

Garage Door

Garage door is a type of separator door used to protect the garages where vehicle entrances and exits are made in the parking lots of daily use areas such as houses, villas, waterside residences, workplaces, shopping centers or factories.

Garage door provides protection and security

Garage door is defined as ceiling sliding door systems and is preferred in the closed garages of private properties, apartments, sites and workplaces, with its decorative appearance, as well as providing protection from weather events such as sunlight, rain, snow, fog, humidity, for security purposes, especially within the framework of measures applied against thieves.

Great convenience in garage entrances and exits

Garage door is a different type of door that can be produced in various sizes and features according to the user's request, which allows it to be closed after the entrance and exit, which is used intensely in daily life for convenience.

Garage door technical equipment requires quality manufacturing

The production of garage doors in accordance with the different projects and user-requests requires advanced technical equipment, talent and experience to produce at a high level.

Garage door acts as a deterrent

Garage doors, with their robust features, turn into a safe shelter for vehicles and users' various materials and belongings, and increase deterrence by taking on the functions of entry, exit, protection and security.

Garage Doors are expected to make life easier and secure

Users expect the garage door system to make their lives easier and convenient as well as for security and protection purposes. With one touch of a remote, they want to reach a protected and safe environment for their vehicle, belongings, materials, equipment and even themselves.

Produced with the latest technology innovation systems and methods

The garage door, which is demanded for security, protection and convenience, is made using the latest technology innovation systems and methods.

Important for life and property safety

Nowadays, it is seen that even remote controls have been replaced by very comfortable applications such as smart phones and bluetooth, and the safety of life and property is tried to be ensured with the latest technological innovations.

Garage doors prevent foreign vehicle entry and exit

The garage door, which facilitates vehicle entry and exit and provides security and protection, also undertakes the task of preventing the entry and exit of foreign vehicles that do not belong to the users or that do not have the right to use the garage.

A safe and secure harbor for vehicles

The garage doors, produced using quality materials, are equipped with the qualities of a safe and sheltering port for vehicles in every sense.

Smart applications that save even the trouble of remote control

Garage doors provide great convenience to their users thanks to their easy and practical use, fast and instant opening, being controlled with smart applications and timers that save even the trouble of control, and providing the opportunity to enter and exit at the desired time.

Garage doors slide off rails with wire rope

The hinges mounted next to the garage door panels slide off the rails thanks to the steel ropes wrapped around the wheels and drums. In addition, these doors are opened by sliding up according to the bedding by using the distance between the door and the beam appropriately.

There are many options for opening the garage door

Today, there are many options to open the garage door, such as remote control, security cabinet button system, loop detector system, radar system, wall control system, Hgs System and Ogs System.

Blinking speed

The garage door reached the speed of opening and closing in the blink of an eye, thanks to the motor systems with the power and ability to open and close very quickly, which ended waiting for a long time in front of it. It is possible to park at the garage door without waiting for the vehicles in front and without waiting for the vehicles behind, and exit from the garage.

Welcome sunlight from your garage door

Garage doors can be produced with a protected body structure that does not harm the user and with windows on corrugated panels according to demand. Garage door windows not only meet the light requirement of the garage as much as possible, but also give the door an aesthetic appearance.

Sandwich panels made of sheet steel

The recently preferred decorative, aesthetically pleasing garage door is produced from sandwich panels made of steel sheet. With the sound and heat insulation of polyurethane applied between the boards, dynamism is provided against harsh air currents and wind.

Sound and heat insulation

The boards on both surfaces of the panels are tightly fitted, preventing the problems of breaking, separating, protruding from each other, and pinching the fingers between the panels.

The system determines the number of entries and exits to the garage per day.

One of the critical details in garage door installation is the number of vehicles entering and leaving the garage daily.

There are different garage door motors

Different garage door motors, which have a large number of opening and closing features, perform their duties with an uninterrupted power supply and with the battery in case of power cuts. Considering the electrical installation of the section where the garage door will be installed and the weight of the door according to the door model, a single motor is installed for less use, and a powerful motor is installed for multiple uses.

Requires more than 10 vehicles upper system

Considering the maximum number of vehicles used by private properties such as houses, villas and waterfronts, it is necessary to seek a system with an automatic engine that will not shake the budget, and a higher level system for the garage door that will be used by more than 10 vehicles.

Systems working with engine and spring harmony

The garage door, which is opened and closed too many times, has a different power system integrated with the motor and spring that adjusts the volt usage.

The absence of a manual opening system of self-powered motors creates different quests in architectures where high-end garage doors cannot be used.

While the door opened according to the length between the passage and the ceiling height is stretched parallel to the ceiling, the distance in the turn is taken into account.

Springs provide convenience; reducing the weight of the door

The aesthetic garage door can be used for manual opening and closing with the spring or tension spring system that balances the weight with the power of the electric motor. Springs provide convenience to the user as well as reducing the weight of the door.

Traction motor systems run silently

Pull motor systems used for garage door can work silently, remote control can be coded as needed, automatic closing, safety photocell can be connected, engine can be started manually when there is no electricity and additional buttons can be connected.

The gaskets between the garage door joints prevent the entry of precipitation into the garage with weather events, and prevent the door from hitting the ground.

The wheel sets that make the door go on the rail are made of polyamide, a special noise-preventing material, while the rail parts and springs are painted with galvanize. Special reinforcements are made for the hinge and door handle.

Steel sections are corrosion resistant

The steel sections of the garage door are more resistant to corrosion and this protection can also be increased with a special coating. Panel insulation should be effective and paint that does not fade from the sun should be used.

Our garage door has emergency sensors

Emergency sensors on garage doors do not activate the brake system and do not jam in case children's hands or feet are under the panel.

Parts of garage doors

The garage door uses many components and they come together from different parts. These include sandwich panels, torsion and tension spring systems, vertical and horizontal rail systems, drums, keyway shaft and accessories, wheel holders, safety systems, hinges, rope systems, gaskets, wheels, fasteners and automation systems.

Our garage doors have full test reports and a domestic product certificate.

Turkishdoors uses domestically produced materials, most of which are produced in Turkey, in the construction of garage doors. Turkishdoors, which has complete test reports of its products and has a domestic product certificate, produces in accordance with ISO EN 13241-1 TSE standards. It provides a high level of security with its quality and state-of-the-art production system.

Technical characteristics of a quality garage door

Garage door panels consisting of steel sheet surfaces should be filled with polyurethane.

Steel sheet panels must be of high quality, with reports in accordance with ISO EN 13241-1 standards, and with domestic certificates.

The panels should be 50-60 cm high and 41 mm thick, there should be gaskets between them and the sheets should be integrated in such a way that they do not separate.

The sheets to which the hinges will be attached to the panels should be combined and 2 mm thick and inseparable from each other,

There should be no voids in the polyurethane, swelling should not occur when it adheres to the sheets, it should have a density of 50 kg/m² and a thermal conductivity of 0.015 Kcall /( mK ) at 10 oC .

Panel steel sheets should be galvanized and resistant to weather conditions, and the polyester coating thickness of the panel surface should be 28 microns.

It should provide wind resistance value of EN 12444 and water tightness value of EN 12489.

There should be finger pinch safety, the panel dimension stabilization should be between -30°C and +60°C, the weight should be 10 kg/m² and the hinge connection should be adjacent.

Doors with dimensions larger than 6 meters should include support plates, hinges and long spindle wheels to increase durability.

It should be able to be opened and closed easily, torsion spring steels should be sandblasted and painted, and the spring break safety system should be industrial and optional.

There should be a rope break safety system to prevent the door from falling, the hinges should be made of galvanized steel and the wheels should be made of polyamide.

It should be motorized and manual, and there should be a security and bolt lock system that allows it to turn upwards when it encounters an obstacle in downward movement.

Spring set should be double spring, have special side consoles, galvanized hinges, double wheel system and galvanized steel rail set.

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