Villa Door

Custom Sized Villa Door

Custom Sized Villa Door

Luxury Glass Villa Door

Luxury Glass Villa Door

Black Custom Sized Villa

Black Custom Sized Villa

Luxury Wooden Private Villa Door

Luxury Wooden Private Villa Door

White Private Villa Door

White Private Villa Door

White Composite Luxury Villa Door

White Composite Luxury Villa Door

Black Matte Modern Villa Door

Black Matte Modern Villa Door

Glass Villa Door Model

Glass Villa Door Model

Black Composite Villa Door

Black Composite Villa Door

Special Design Villa Door

Special Design Villa Door

Anthracite Composite Villa Steel Door Special Series

Anthracite Composite Villa Steel Door Special Series

Black Modern Luxury Villa Door

Black Modern Luxury Villa Door

Resistant Design Villa Door

Resistant Design Villa Door

Anthracite Luxury Villa Door

Anthracite Luxury Villa Door

White Villa Entrance Door

White Villa Entrance Door

Glass Wooden Villa Door Model

Glass Wooden Villa Door Model

Walnut color villa door

Walnut color villa door

Luxury Compact Iroko Tree Villa Door

Luxury Compact Iroko Tree Villa Door

Wooden Villa Door Model

Wooden Villa Door Model

Iroko Tree Villa Door

Iroko Tree Villa Door

Villa doors

Villa doors are made in accordance with the purpose of meeting the protection and security needs of the villa in terms of architecture, hardware, functionality and aesthetics.

Villa residents, looking for security, durability, durability, hardware features and needs, demand specially equipped products for villa doors in order to take precautions against potential threats, especially theft.

While the construction industry is progressing rapidly by developing new technologies day by day, natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes highlight the factors that will eliminate safety concerns along with durability in construction. 

One of the solutions that people have produced as a result of their efforts to make their living spaces durable and sheltered throughout history is to use safe doors.

Villa doors are very important in terms of providing durability, security, aesthetics and comfort for the family members of the villa user.

Villa doors are produced according to special dimensions and demands in order to ensure the safety of the environment, the exterior and interior of the building, to increase its comfort while also making its appearance attractive.

Villa doors, which are produced using strong and highly durable materials, are designed using a wide variety of styles and patterns.

Villa doors are a part of aesthetic and functional solutions specially designed and produced for villa residents.

Villa doors fulfill important functions in terms of security, durability and decoration in the living spaces of residents and users.

Villa doors, which should be safe and durable against threats from the outside, are specially designed to be resistant to external factors. For this reason, villa doors are expected to be produced from steel, metal and materials with very high durability.

In the production of villa doors, materials that are resistant to water, humidity, heat, cold and wind are primarily preferred. Doors can be specially coated and painted to increase durability. 

Villa doors and aesthetic appearance

Users primarily look for durability and security in villa doors. However, in addition to durability and safety factors, elegance and aesthetics are also desired and expected to be good on safety and durability clothing.

Villas are generally built as special and beautiful-looking structures. Villa owners want such expensive, special and beautiful buildings to have features that will make them look attractive, eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, as well as protecting and securing these beauties, valuables, family and members.

Special designs for villa doors are made especially in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the customers.

Villa doors are produced from materials that are very resilient to external factors, by combining durable reinforcements such as surface coatings and hinges that can be used for a long time. 

The content of the material used in the construction should also be chosen well so that they can remain strong against natural external effects such as water, humidity, sun, cold and wind.

Villa doors require the first appearance and safety of the building, that is, the aesthetic and security equipment to be intertwined. In accordance with this purpose, durable, safe materials such as villa doors, wood, steel, aluminum, glass, iron, pvc are required to present an aesthetic and warm appearance.

Among a wide variety of material and design alternatives, wood offers the opportunity to be arranged in various sizes and shapes with an aesthetic and friendly appearance. Aluminum is light but water resistant and offers opportunities to be designed in different colors and patterns. Glass is bright, spacious, and unbreakable, offering security and durability features. While iron stands out with its safe and durable size and pattern, PVC doors also offer services such as lightness, resistance to water, moisture, dust and corrosion.

While wood offers an aesthetic and friendly appearance, various sizes and shapes among a wide variety of material and design alternatives, aluminum is light but water resistant and offers different color and pattern possibilities. Glass offers safety with bright, spacious, contemporary and unbreakable. Iron is safe and durable. PVC doors also offer resistance to light, water, moisture, dust and corrosion.

These are mostly door models that take on the role of the entrance door of the villa located inside the villa area. 

Interior and exterior villa doors are different concepts. The interior door is not the room doors of the villa, but the door that fulfills the main entrance function in the villa building.

The door that provides entrance to the villa area in the garden of privately owned villas is defined as the outer door of the villa.

Villa doors features

Villa doors are designed and made to make the life of the users safe against dangerous situations outside the building.

When the sheet metal used in the construction of the villa doors is thin, the ones with thick sheet metal are preferred because the door slams make an annoying noise.

A little budget compromise is required for safe, durable, equipped and peaceful, quality villa doors. The goal is not an affordable, but a durable, secure door. 

The hinges of the villa doors are made of chrome and the casing is made of DKP sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. Sheet thickness, hinge strength, lock system quality are important.

Villa doors can be designed in standard sizes, unlike standard sizes, they can also be specially produced by designing as double, half or full wing, mostly upon the request of the user.

First of all, villa doors are produced in accordance with the highest level of security and technical conditions. In its production, materials such as wood, metal, steel and glass are used to provide safety, aesthetics and durability features.

Villa doors are protected against external factors such as water, humidity, sound, heat, cold and dust with their stainless metal wing borders, casing and wing thickness.

Lock systems for villa doors differ according to the characteristics of the material they are produced, and the appropriate one is selected, providing security and aesthetic appearance with metal hinges.

Decorative appearance, metal hardware and wrought iron additives are used for villa doors in accordance with the wishes, desires and draft projects of the users. The interior of the door can also be changed according to demand. It is made from a variety of materials to suit personal preference.

The properties of villa doors also vary according to the material they are produced, such as glass, metal, steel and wood, and offer very different advantages.

Equipped with heat and sound insulation, villa doors are used for a long time and provide very reliable performance.

Villa doors, which are resistant to knocks and impacts from the outside, have strong hardware features that are resistant to fire and various abrasions.

Having 2 mm and thicker galvanized sheet, villa doors are strong enough to withstand a high force, and it is quite a slight possibility that the door gets damaged. They provide high-level performance in terms of durability and security.

Villa doors mostly open inside and create an entrance and exit area for guests, their elaborate structures and different designs add beautiful and pleasant feelings to guests and users with their aesthetics.

Offering various designs with special shaped, patterned, single or double wing glass villa doors, Turkishdoors prepares model, color, coating and lock options for villa doors of the quality you are looking for.

Today, Turkishdoors, which strives and desires to do the best for the doors to be safer and more durable, manufactures durable products that are not damaged by weather events such as sun, humidity, water, wind, snow, cold and hot.

Glass is included in the installation of glass villa doors, the frosted glass door provides both security and privacy as the interior is invisible. Villa doors using transparent glass allow the interior to be seen. 

Simpler looking villa doors with single or multiple colors, few or many shapes, patterns and figures are among the options that can be preferred.

There is no obstacle in front of the dreams and project details to have a beautiful, aesthetic, attractive and attractive door. Imaginations and details are limitless. Illuminated villa doors are one of these alternatives for the user.

Those who prefer attractive, eye-catching and beautiful villa doors enjoy the happiness of using extremely stylish, aesthetic, comfortable and enjoyable villa doors, equipped with light, by dressing it with various light sources and reflection tools. 

Benefits of Villa Doors 

Villa door provide a wide range of privileges in terms of security, durability and functionality.

Durable villa doors are not damaged by weather effects such as snow, rain, wind, mud, dust, heat and cold.

They impress with their solid structure in the face of external impacts such as hitting, hitting and drilling.

Even in long-term use, the doors of the villas are not damaged, and the door handle continues to do its job as it should.

Robust, durable and safe villa doors provide peace of mind to their users, as they do not give the opportunity to thieves, and they are free from fears in this regard. In order to prevent the easy entry of thieves, villa doors are sometimes activated against malicious acts by using an alarm system.

Are Villa Doors Resistant to External Factors?

Villa door lock systems must be resistant to external factors. The difference in the qualities of the materials and equipment used in the construction of the villa doors can change the level of resistance to external factors.

Thanks to the water discharge drainage system to be built around the villa doors, they can prevent water leakage. Periodic maintenance, painting, coating and renewal strengthens their resistance to external factors.

According to the geographical coordinates of the place where the villa doors are placed, the design of protection against rain, snow, sun, hot, cold wind, and moving to a UV-resistant size also increases the durability. Removing vegetation near the door will increase durability.

The security of the lock system, periodic checking of the equipment and accessories and replacement and updating of the broken and defective ones are among the factors that increase the durability of the villa doors. 

Types of Villa Doors 

As a material in the construction of villa doors; wood, steel, aluminum, glass, PVC and iron are preferred.

There are common types of villa doors, which are important for security, equipped with special security and lock systems:

Wooden villa doors are made by processing and equipping with the texture of various types of trees that are elegant, stylish, aesthetic, comfortable and warm.

Aluminum villa doors are produced by being painted with light, durable, different color alternatives and equipped with accessories.

Glass villa doors are decorated with elegance, comfort and aesthetic appearance, shapes and patterns that carry the light to the living space.

PVC villa doors are produced in different colors and patterns, which are durable despite being light, and are not adversely affected by water.

Iron villa doors are equipped with strong, extremely durable different patterns and shapes.

Villa Door Measures

Since the main task for villa doors is safety and durability, strong materials such as wood, steel, aluminum and iron should be preferred and their dimensions should contribute to their functions.

Comfort measures are of great significance for villa doors. The dimensions should be in a way that will increase the quality of life, comfort and living spaces of the users living here.

It should provide air flow, sound, moisture, waterproofing, light weight, heating and cooling systems and durability.

While determining the design, style, color and location of the villa doors, their elegant and aesthetic appearance along with safety and durability, their dimensions should be compatible with the general building geometry and complete the general appearance.

While the dimensions of the villa doors increase the security, they should not spoil the comfort, attractiveness and aesthetics of the villa. Security, comfort and aesthetic features should correspond to each other, and should provide a proportional and harmonious appearance with the general lines of the building. 

Villa steel door dimensions are 120x210, 140x210, 160x210. Villa door dimensions are generally the same as apartment entrance door dimensions.
For detailed information about exterior door dimensions, also called villa door dimensions, contact Turkishdoors experts.

Modern Style Villa Doors

Villa door users generally prefer styles that attract attention with their modern style appearance.

Those who find the style of historical villa doors more attractive prefer products that combine such options with modern elements to relive the patterns, materials and memories that have existed for centuries.

The combination of different door models in modern villa door models also emerges as one of the options. Multiple door models are also designed in these modern style doors.

In these designs, modern revolving door models attract attention as well as single and two-door models.

Those who build villas mostly create their own unique and original villa door model by using the patterns, figures, emblems, different aesthetic elements they like and desire in their dreams.

Turkishdoors offers door models suitable for every concept, simple and modern style, and it does this with a reasonable price guarantee.

Turkishdoors villa door models are resistant to sun, rain and other external factors thanks to their coatings.

Turkishdoors completes the decoration of the villa with TSE certified high quality products specially equipped with security components.

Turkishdoors always cares about the satisfaction of its customers by providing friendly and quality service.

Types of Steel Villa Doors 

There are doors made of materials such as wood, aluminum, glass, iron used in the production of villa doors. In the type of villa doors, it is necessary to open a special heading for the steel villa door models.

Steel villa door models are always one step ahead options for situations where durable and safe doors are required.

Steel door is actually considered as an adjective representing strength. These doors are made using sheet metal. Doors using galvanized sheet have strong resistance to corrosion and rust.

Doors made in accordance with these qualities are resistant to many natural and external factors, including water.

Strong, durable, securely designed steel doors; Glass, copper, styled equipment such as single or double blades are provided. Steel villa doors are produced using a stainless frame.

Steel door leaf thickness is minimum 9 cm. Wing wicks are designed in such a way that it will not see heat, dirt and light.

Villa doors casing is also made of DKP sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. Sheet thickness and hinge strength are among the details to be considered.

Steel villa doors are mostly preferred in places that require high security and in the homes of families who need perfect security.

Since the pivot steel villa door models are made using top quality steel, they provide a very durable and reliable protection for the villa, workplace and family.

Since villa doors with these qualities have a 10-year durability guarantee, their users will have peace of mind.

Turkishdoors steel villa doors are necessary and advantageous for every property owner who wants to increase the security of his home or workplace.

You can see the steel villa door models on our Turkishdoors website, and you can choose from different styles and colors of door models. Villa steel doors are one of the most demanded types of steel doors in the market.

Things to Consider When Choosing Villa Doors

In the selection of villa doors, as with other doors, many details should be considered.

It should be kept in mind that not every door is secure, and if security is not preferred in the selected models, the safety of life and property may be damaged.

Villa doors are generally used in buildings, villas and houses with large entrances.

Villa doors use a wide variety of lock systems. It should be taken into account that these lock systems have durable materials and security systems, and the features, functions and differences of the lock system should be investigated in detail.

TSE certificate must be seen when choosing villa doors. 

The door size should be proportional and compatible with the size of the building entrance and the overall structure.

Turkishdoors has a wide range of products such as villa steel doors, building entrance doors, pivot steel door systems, and fire door models. It produces residential and shopping mall doors along with villa doors.

Turkishdoors, one of the important companies that produce and sell villa doors in Kayseri, wishes to help you find the most suitable villa door for your needs by meeting face to face.

You can reach Turkishdoors through our customer service number 0xx xxx xx xx, if you wish, you can visit our showroom at Kayseri Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Atatürk Cad 1. Sok No:1 and see our villa doors production and steel door store and place an order.

If you want to get information about us, you can review our website and see the best quality doors with numerous model options offered by Turkishdoors. Some of our products are wooden villa doors, glazed villa doors, aluminum villa doors, glass iron villa doora, wrought iron villa doors, casement villa doors, iron villa doors etc. 

Villa Door Prices

The door size should be proportional and compatible with the size of the building entrance and the overall structure.

Turkishdoors has a wide range of products such as villa steel doors, building entrance doors, pivot steel door systems and fire door models. It produces residential and shopping mall doors along with villa doors.

Turkishdoors, one of the important companies that produce and sell villa doors in Kayseri, wishes to help you find the most suitable villa door for your needs by meeting face to face.

You can reach Turkishdoors through our customer service number 0xx xxx xx xx, if you wish, you can visit our showroom at Kayseri Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Atatürk Cad 1. Sok No:1 and see our villa doors production and steel door store and place an order.

If you want to get information about us, you can review our website and see the best quality doors with numerous model options offered by Turkishdoors. Such as wooden villa door, glazed villa door, aluminum villa door, glass iron villa door, wrought iron villa door, casement villa door, iron villa door etc.

Contribution of villa doors to the villa

Attractive villa doors contribute to aesthetics and functionality and look attractive. Details reflect the character and personality of the user.
Villa doors provide effective performance in protecting thieves and dangerous strangers.

Materials used in the construction of villa doors

Technologically advanced materials make villa doors durable and safe.
Fiberglass and steel offer energy saving, easy maintenance, full protection, strong and robust villa doors with technological construction.
Villa doors made of glass, laminated safety glass has features that can no longer be broken.
Integrated lock systems are an option that maximizes the security of villa doors.
Villa doors are equipped with insulation materials that retain the heat inside during cold weathers and keep the summer heat out. Inner parts are covered with glass fiber, polyurethane foam insulation and rubber.
Villa doors are enriched with materials that help save energy bills and provide environmental protection with energy efficiency.

Large Villa Doors 

Villa doors, as in the past, are the first striking part of the villa with their large, double-winged size today.
Large and wide villa doors, which allow sunlight to illuminate the villa, bring the feelings of freedom to the top with the welfare areas they provide.
Large villa doors create a trend and innovate designs in varying size ranges.
Large and magnificent villa doors provide prestige and give their owners a sense of self-confidence.
Large and wide villa doors provide dynamism to the building by providing heat, sound and air insulation thanks to their large size.
Highly appreciated by the guests, wide villa doors are an efficient investment choice that doubles the value of the villa.

How should the villa doors be maintained?

Villa doors, which are used uninterruptedly, must be maintained without interruption and kept in a healthy and working condition.
Villa doors should be cleaned with the help of warm water, alcohol-free, high concentration, abrasive cleaning materials, especially the quality and content of the material from which they are made.
Due to the fact that the doors of the villas are made of durable and heavy metal mixtures, the coating that does not allow corrosion should be cleaned and maintained without neglecting air and industrial air pollution, with cleaning and maintenance resistant to harsh weather and environmental conditions.
Villa doors, which use wooden materials that are adversely affected by moisture, must be maintained with paint, protection materials, coating due to wear and tear.
Villa doors maintenance should be produced with materials that do not contain abrasive aggressive chemicals in winter and summer seasons.
Care must be taken to maintain their equipment and moving parts in order to function properly. For this, Teflon adhesive, lubricating, acid-free care products can be used.
Villa doors equipment should be checked at least once a year and dust, grease and dirt of the moving parts should be removed. 

How to make existing villa doors more aesthetic?

Villa doors can be adapted to the style and design of the villa to increase its attractiveness and make it more elegant and aesthetic.
Villa doors, which are still used, can be made more attractive by making them proportional and compatible with the dimensions of the building.
By adding a transparent, frosted, decorated, stained glass panel to the villa doors, a striking effect and pleasant appearance may be achieved. Its dimensions are also improved, making it more aesthetic and attractive.
A new style is made more aesthetically pleasing with a new look, by being painted with vibrant, striking, eye-catching colors or with coatings. Factors that provide a burst of color add an appealing effect.
Soft pastel hues add calmness, serenity and peace, adding additional appeal with a new style. The door looks much more aesthetical with the synergy created by harmonizing the window size, color and style.
Villa doors, together with accessories and hardware such as knockers, door handles, bells, embroidery, also provide aesthetic and elegant appeal.
Villa doors can be an attractive aesthetic point thanks to the canopy and porches added to the top and sides.
While the villa doors are made more aesthetic, when the effect, style and contribution of the lighting elements are utilized.
Night lighting above and around the door, LED recessed lights illuminate the aesthetic character.
Spotlight, sconce, lantern and various lamps can maximize the attractiveness and aesthetics of the door.

Villa Doors Equipment

Double leaf options are considered in villa doors for a remarkable entrance. Accessories and hardware such as handles, knockers, door handles, nameplate, number plate, bell, mailbox, embroidery, which are compatible with the design of the villa and the door, are used on double-leaf doors.
Since the doors of the villa reach weights of 200 kg and more, the hinges that can keep the door standing are important parts.
Villa doors have safe, durable, aesthetic and functional features, as well as equipment that will facilitate the use of the door and represent the style of the users.
The villa doors lock system uses the convenience of traditional keyed or digital locks. While mechanical locks are traditional, simple, effective and compatible, digital locks provide technological, fast, keyless, simple and secure access.
Since there are usually auxiliary personnel such as cooks, drivers, nannies, housekeepers and servants in the villas, users prefer technological, smart, high security, simple and comfortable digital factors instead of keys. 

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