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Interior room doors

Doors are the tools that separate the parts of buildings such as houses, workplaces, workshops, factories, garages or warehouses where people live their daily lives. Those that separate the parts used for different purposes in closed areas are also called interior room doors.

Interior room doors are selected according to the purpose for which they will be used.

There are a wide variety of doors used inside and outside in different types buildings. Independent sections used for different purposes such as home, office, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are separated from each other. Interior room doors, which are the tools used for separation purposes, are meticulously selected according to the place and purpose they will be used.

The door is an important part that provides decoration

The door, which separates different points in living spaces, through which life flows, is an important piece of decoration. While the incompatibility of furniture and doors bothers those who care about decoration, the search for harmony between the wall-door-furniture trio brings interior room doors to the forefront.

Doors are selected according to color, design and size.

In order to be compatible with the general style of the building, house and office to be used, interior room doors are selected based on the color, design and size of the building.

Interior room doors are equipped with materials that provide sound and heat insulation

Interior room doors are equipped with materials that provide sound and heat insulation. Quality material is an important factor contributing to harmony, decoration and overall style. Quality interior room doors are supported by special and natural coating materials.

Accessories are selected from high quality products

Materials such as locks, coatings, glass, insulation, door handles and wicks that increase the quality of interior room doors are also selected from high quality products.

Interior room doors differ in their appearance and aesthetic features.

Although classical and modern interior room doors are of quality, they differ in appearance and aesthetic features.

Interior room doors reflect attractive features

Classic interior room doors reflect attractive features with their cost and price, mainly in design, luxury, elegance, magnificence, figure, leaf, embroidery, carving, handwork and durability.

Geometric shaped, flat, vertical, horizontal part designs

Modern interior room doors, on the other hand, have sharp geometric shapes, straight, vertical, horizontal piece designs, and modern lines. There are also more affordable products with matte lacquer, natural finishing.

Technology-equipped production, R&D activities

Turkishdoors is one of the successful interior room door brands. It is one of the pioneers of quality with its 20 years of experience, state-of-the-art production and R&D activities.

Wide product range

It produces a wide range of products including wood, lacquer, melamine, PVC, MDF, composite, laminate, lam, American doors, fire door and hotel room door models.

Important details

Quality interior room doors should have remarkable and important details, as quality comes to the fore among the selective qualities for interior room doors.

Wide variety of alternatives

Hygienic, harmless, natural, healthy and high quality materials are used in the construction of interior room doors. Our products are resistant to factors that accelerate wear, they are long-lasting, and a wide variety of alternatives are made.

Interior room doors constantly updated with innovations

Interior room doors, which constantly update themselves by producing innovations with R&D studies, are produced with models that reduce environmental pollution, recyclable and sustainable technology, and fit every customer's pocket and taste.

Rising cost has spawned perishable alternatives

Interior room doors, which are also used to protect privacy, have witnessed the onset of non-durable production alternatives called American panels with the development of technology and the increase in costs.

Quality, aesthetics and durability are more important than price.

The phrase 'You don’t always buy a door', which is widely used and reflects a plausible point of view, reminds us that when buying interior room doors, quality, aesthetics and durability should be considered rather than price.

Creating a different and new atmosphere

In order to get a new place, to make changes after years, to change the things worn out, and to create a different and new atmosphere, an interior room door is purchased.

Interior room doors that blow the mind

Today, interior room doors that evoke design, luxury, elegance, magnificence, motifs, foils, embroidery, carvings, handwork, solid, modern lines and innovation winds are preferred.

Intense preferences for interior room doors

Intensive choices for interior room doors can be listed as panel (American) door, lacquered door, PVC door and melamine door.

Panel (American) door

Panel doors have been preferred for a long time due to their advantages such as affordable prices, non-fading colors, long-lasting, budget-friendliness, variety of color alternatives, compatibility with design types appealing to different tastes, resistance to abrasion and glass production.

Affordable prices, more model options and easy availability of a new one are the most sought-after features in the market.

Lacquered doors

It is an expensive and high quality alternative since a wooden door is covered with lacquer material, which is one of the luxury and expensive interior door models.

CNC pattern design, gold and silver processing aesthetics

Wooden and lacquered doors have an important place in the production of interior room doors with their durability and longevity against abrasion, white color harmony that adds elegance to decorations, CNC processing and pattern design, gold and silver processing aesthetics.

Economic alternatives

The advantages such as ease of cleaning of its smooth surface, use in bathroom and toilet environments, production of glazed models, and reasonable prices compared to alternatives make lacquered door models preferable in the first place.

Durable, smooth and model option

The lacquer door, produced by applying quality lacquer paint on MDF, is among the door types that are durable, smooth and alternative to wood with its model option. CNC design, unlimited product range are important features.

Deep patterns on MDF can be drawn in the desired style on 8, 12 and 18 mm thickness.

Glazed lacquered door is modern, classic, bohemian and sporty

Glazed lacquered door is widely used in frosted, misted, transparent living rooms and kitchens. The glazed lacquered door is suitable for modern, classic, bohemian and sports styles. It can be assembled with 3 steel hinges, oval case, generally white color, aging options are common.

PVC doors

In addition to being very durable and long-lasting, PVC doors are in high demand with their advantages such as CNC machining and design variety, glazed models, budget-friendliness, easy cleaning, sound, water, moisture and heat insulation, color alternatives, production for bathroom and WC doors.

A recyclable environmentally friendly chemical material

Polyvinyl Chloride used on the surface is a widely used, recyclable, environmentally friendly chemical material. The door body is patterned and shaped on CNC workbench, paint is not used on its surfaces, it can be produced in self-patterned, colored and requested dimensions.

Melamine doors

Melamine doors are not widely known, but they retain durable and long-lasting features with their different designs, elegant appearance and wooden door melamine coating, which have almost the same features with several other alternatives.

Natural wood material character and woodworking patterns

The character of natural wood material, intense labor and workmanship, wood patterns, budget-friendliness, affordable prices, durability and easy cleaning make melamine doors one of the most preferred alternatives in the market.

Laminox type coating protects against scratches

It is resistant to scratches since it is made of laminox type coating, which is solid due to the wooden grid, instead of the paper honeycomb on its surface.

Melamine, an organic substance

Melamine board is made by adding melamine, a chemical and organic substance used in plastic production, to the MDF surface with heat. The surface of the melamine door, which does not require paint, is colored and self-patterned.

Melamine door that changes the look

The melamine door, which changes its appearance with its wooden patterns, has aesthetic, economical, easy-to-install, durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean features, is soundproof and fireproof, thus usable for a long time.

Wooden door is always a matter of preference 

The wooden door brings naturalness to the place where it is used. Although their high price leads users to alternative choices, their resistance to water and external factors, their aesthetic and warm appearance are the reasons for their preference.

The MDF door differs from the panel door with the material used on the front surface. The more durable MDF door, on the other hand, is not resistant to water.

Laminate Door

The laminate door, which is in high demand and acclaim, is resistant to external factors due to its casing made of special material.

Acoustic, modern elegant appearance

It is resistant to high pressure, durable and fire-safe, unbreakable, acoustic, provides a modern elegant appearance.

Laminate doors are used in many different places.

Laminate doors with alternative, color and decorative features are easily installed in many different places and used in different buildings such as hospitals, hotels and dormitories with stylish and aesthetic patterned preferences.

They are used as an interior room door with or without glass in accordance with the needs and characteristics of the place, with their rich color and pattern, which suits different tastes and styles.

Membrane door

The membrane coating on the MDF is less damaged because of its high scratch resistance. Laths are not used in membrane door glazed preferences, paint cracking does not occur, and stains are easily cleaned.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Interior Room Door

The general decoration of the house, the model of the door, the choice of glass or glazing in the interior room door preference creates harmonious, more aesthetic, new and modern results.

The model choice is compatible with the general design of the house.

The choice of patterned, panel and flat door models is made in harmony with the general design of the house. While the glassless model is used for the bathroom, bedroom door for privacy and sleep quality, the glass model is preferred for the living room, living room and kitchen door to receive plenty of light.

Glass doors for the kitchen are in great demand

Since there is no privacy for the kitchen, the meeting point of the family, the door choice is glazed. Glass doors for the kitchen are in great demand. Here, transparent and fogged glass is considered as the entrance to a stylish and high-quality kitchen.

With sliding doors, the kitchen looks wide, deep and spacious

Sliding doors are also preferred to give the kitchen width, depth, spacious and modern appearance.

Melamine doors have very low sound permeability

The bedroom, which is the resting area of the house, is desired to have sound and light-proof, solid, glass-free, thick features in order to increase the quality of sleep and rest and not be disturbed. Here, melamine doors are especially and primarily chosen because of their low sound permeability and their decorative design.

A leading door in quality is preferred for the living room

A leading door in quality is preferred for a living space entrance that is compatible with the general decoration style, thanks to its large space features for the halls of the house that open to the outside and welcome the guests. Hall doors offer many alternatives with the width of the entrance.

Retro, modern and avant-garde wooden doors are suitable for the living room.

The wide entrance hall is dazzling with much more light thanks to the glass doors. Sliding door is the wrong choice here. Instead, wooden doors that are suitable and harmonious in color can be chosen in a retro, modern or avant-garde nature.

When the quality, colors, raw materials, materials, structure and workmanship of the door are compatible with the style of the house, it will always display a more aesthetic appearance.

Which Door Should Be Used Where?

The folding door is preferred to separate the closed and open sections. Folding doors can be used in the room that connects the house to the garden or to a balcony.

The wooden doors that are compatible with every alternative are not damaged by humidity, cold, rain and snow, and they also keep the space very warm.

Sliding doors also contribute extra space to the space, but they can be opened and closed practically, simple and harmonious, they are generally used to divide the kitchen, dressing room and large halls.

Bathroom doors are chosen as glass-free, water and moisture resistant in harmony with the style of the house.

What are the Types of Interior Room Doors?

The factors that come to the fore in the choice of interior room door types are the general design of the house, its style and the planned amount of expenditure. The fact that the doors have alternative material, color and accessory options determines the direction of the purchase decision.

Framed, glazed and even sliding doors, equipped with the aesthetics of transparent and fogged glass, offer comfort in the kitchen with its elegant, aesthetic, spaciousness, convenience and abundant light.

Bedroom doors, which are the most special corner of the house, require doors that are sound and light insulated, equipped with features that provide comfort with their thick and solid structure.

The interior room doors of the living room, on the other hand, are desired to be aesthetic, impressive, eye-catching, glazed, great looking, and smelling quality in every way, with impressive touches with a design that overlaps with the general design of the house.

Different alternatives for interior room doors are produced in colors compatible with the home decoration hound, especially brown and white.

Door color preferences

White and brown are the most preferred colors. In addition to the white-colored doors, which are the symbol of openness and simplicity, wooden and brown tones with their natural appearance, gray and black interior room doors in modern styles are in demand.

Let us repeat once again the truth that we have said from the beginning; the color, appearance, material, accessories and style of the door should be compatible with the general house design.

Furniture is equipped with dark colors, the interior room doors are in light colors and offer an aesthetic appearance, such as a good harmony of white with dark colors.

White relaxes the user and gives peace of mind.

White, the color of innocence and peace, relaxes the user and gives peace. In modern home designs, the glazed and unglazed styles of light-colored doors reflect naturalness and offer a feeling of comfort.

Gray is the trend nowadays

Gray interior room doors are preferred in a trendy way in decoration styles that will harmonize with the furniture and floor.

Red interior room door in bold design

Red interior room doors are also used to contrast with the gray and black combination of interior designs, production facilities in general.

Yellow; adds light, aesthetics, positive air and hope

Yellow interior room doors together with light wall paints add more light, aesthetics, positive air and hope to the most preferred home.

Colorful interior room doors

You can choose colorful interior room doors to provide a more modern look.

Blue interior room doors bring peace and spacious feelings

Blue interior room doors, which bring a sense of peace and spaciousness to the place where they are located, are chosen like the dark blue interior room doors, thus increasing the aesthetic appearance.

Black, noble, striking and modern look

Those who prefer dark colors use black interior room doors that give a noble, striking and modern appearance as well as being easy to clean.

Steel interior room doors also start to emerge

In the interior room door preference, wooden doors with their natural features give the environment a warm appearance and comfort, while steel interior room doors have started to appear on the scene.

Steel interior room doors, which create a modern atmosphere compared to their alternatives with their design and extra contributions, started to create demand for modern, boldly designed spaces.

Fiberglass; safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics and quality

Interior room doors are produced with the contribution of safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics and quality in the production of strong, durable fiberglass indoor and outdoor doors, which are preferred extensively in door production with their flexibility and ease of moulding.

Interior room door prices

Interior room door prices vary according to their models, the rate of harmony with the designs, and their preferences with or without glass.


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