Hospital Door

Hospital Doors

Hospitals are places where high hygiene and cleaning practices should be done. There are different types of factors in hospital design such as cost, speed, efficiency and functionality. Doors are also one of the important factors that increase the functionality of hospitals and are chosen by carrying the necessary features.

There are subtleties that will illuminate the way to make the right decision in choosing hospital doors:

Hospital doors should have antiviral properties

It has been seen how important it is to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses during the pandemic process. Hospital doors with antiviral care properties are inevitable in hospitals because they prevent the development of a pathogen in an area touched by a large number of people.

Hospital doors, fire-preventing and retarding properties

Fire, threatening living life is a disaster that must be prevented, delayed and ended. Fire, which poses a significant threat to the lives of many patients and employees in hospitals, can also damage hospital equipment. For this reason, hospital doors should be durable enough to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Hospital doors have fire-retardant properties, their ability to keep smoke inside and delay the spread of fire at different levels.

These levels, which allow time for the escape of the patients, companions, visitors and personnel in the hospital at the time of fire, and for the firefighters to intervene, are of vital importance for the hospital doors.

Hospital doors acoustic features

One of the functions of hospitals is quality rest, which is included in the treatment. In order for the patients to rest quickly and easily and return to their health and healthy days, the necessary good rest needs silence. Soundproof properties for hospital doors are also important in this respect.

Soundproof hospital doors help patients rest in a quiet and calm environment. As soundproof hospital doors are robust and durable, they also provide the advantage of keeping patients' medical information confidential.

Hospital doors should be resistant to external influences

Hospital doors, which are used by thousands of people daily, must be durable in order to handle this density.

Hospital doors are subject to slamming with heel, shoulder and back, while opening and keeping the doors open, by the personnel who are working and mostly on the move, by those who use wheeled beds, wheelchairs, tables and moving vehicles.

Hospital doors, which are preferred for hospitals, provide comfort and ease of use, and they should have durability features that will not be damaged by intense impacts.

Hospital doors ease of maintenance

It is an indispensable necessity that the hospital doors, which are used by thousands of people daily with their staff, patients, companions and visitors, are clean and hygienically well-maintained.

Hygienic care of the surfaces used and touched cannot be neglected in order to prevent the spread of infection that may occur in the hospital. Hospital doors, which can destroy pathogens in contact with surfaces, should be easy to clean and maintain as well as having high hygiene and cleanliness levels and qualities that are not adversely affected by this protection.

For hospital doors, weight is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Hospital doors are quite high in terms of people's usage density. This intensive use also changes the way hospital doors are opened and closed.

Hospital doors should be able to withstand repeated impacts, as well as being easy and comfortable to open and close quickly.

Nurses, hospital staff, attendants who carry stretchers, wheelchairs and nursing tables often apply a hard movement to the door to open, hold open and close the doors. They often use these tools by slamming doors to open them. Considering these reasons, hospital doors should be solid.

Hospitals are special places where decisions are taken instantly and implemented immediately. Hospital doors, which will not hinder the speed of transportation of the emergency patient or the injured person to the intervention room, should have design features that will support speed and efficiency as well as durability and hygiene.

In terms of efficient use of hospital doors, speed, weight, opening bumper and resistance of the beds are proportional. The critical point here is the material used in the construction of hospital doors.

New technology hospital doors, ready for installation, having radiation shielding and sound insulation, hygienic protection features are a must and require a smart choice.

A place without health and hygiene can not be called a hospital, but a nest of sickness. The reputation and reliability of a place that goes to a hospital and returns with an illness can only be measured by its hygiene and antibacterial protection.

Hospital doors are very important in terms of patient safety, privacy, preventing noise pollution and providing hygiene. Hospital doors have gone from hinged size to advanced door technology with electronic keypads.

While hospital doors, which are made of durable materials mainly made of steel and aluminum, are designed for special environments, they are operated using electronic systems. At some points, there are keypads, card readers, biometric scanners in using these doors.

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Hospitals and hospital doors require the highest hygiene standards. Cleanliness and design go beyond improving the hygiene factor. The door is a very important factor in the design of a modern hospital as well as efficiency, cost, material and speed.

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