Sectional Door

Sectional Door

The garage door is mainly produced as a sectional door. Any information about the garage door also applies to the sectional door. The difference between them is generally due to physical equipment such as size and weight.

The features and information presented about the garage door, which forms a section for the sectional door, are also included here in similar forms.  

Sectional door is used in hangars, warehouses, garages, stations, production departments, factory entrances of production facilities in terms of size, height and width.

Sectional doors, which are mainly preferred in commercial areas, are also used for garages of houses. It is preferred intensely at the entrance, exit, warehouse, hangar sections of the workplaces engaged in various productions, galleries, presentation areas, showrooms, SMEs and small industrial sites.

Sectional door, which is also called as industrial door in the markets, is produced by means of various automation systems together with sandwich panels, polyurethane, steel and galvanized as in garage door construction.

Sectional door is primarily used for security purposes

It is used in hangars, warehouses, garages, stations, production departments and factory entrances both for protection from weather events such as rain, snow, wind, humidity and dust, and for security measures against thieves.

Ease of entry and exit

The sectional door provides sound and heat insulation with its solid structure, and a durability that protects against fire and wind from all kinds of external effects. Gaskets at the junctions prevent precipitation and the door from hitting the ground.

The sectional door, which is intensely preferred in industrial sections, can also be easily preferred as its own part, garage and workplace door.

Sectional door prevents accidents

The sectional door, which brings great comfort to the users, provides entrance and exit control as well as contributing to the prevention of accidents and safety measures.

According to the demand, the industrial door is produced with high quality materials with the latest technology processes according to the different dimensions, sizes and features of the area, and its installation and assembly is done.

Garage door technical equipment requires quality manufacturing

Industrial doors, defined as sectional, sectional, detachable doors, require high-level quality, technical equipment and experience in the production process, the parts of which are packed and ready to be installed in the area where they will be used.

Makes work life easier

Manufacturers make their working life easier with the sectional door, save labor and time by being usable, having a fast opening-closing power, and having a sheltered and safe area with a click of a button.

Life and property safety is at the forefront

It prioritizes life and property safety by using comfortable applications such as smart phones in places where heavy construction machinery and vehicles are sometimes used in production areas.

Creates a safe protection area for construction equipment

Industrial doors, which create a safe protection area for construction equipment and materials used in production processes, provide efficiency with their easy, practical, fast and immediate opening.

Moves on rails with steel rope

As in the garage door opening system, the hinges on both sides of the sandwich panels move on the rails on the side with the steel rope wrapped around the wheels and drums. It has various opening-closing alternatives such as remote control, detector, radar, wall control, Hgs , and Ogs system, such as the garage door.

Adding windows illuminates the space

By adding windows to the panels; hangar, warehouse, garage, station, production areas, factory areas are illuminated and the light is taken in as well as gaining an aesthetic appearance.

Decorative and aesthetic steel sheet sandwich panels

The sectional door is equipped with different motors, power supplies, electrical installations and door models according to the number of daily opening-closing.

As in the garage door, the turning distance is taken into account while the door is stretched parallel to the ceiling according to the distance between the passage and the ceiling height.

The wheel sets that provide the movement on the rails are produced from a special material polyamide that eliminates noise, the steel parts are more resistant to corrosion with coating, the panel is insulated, the rail parts, springs are galvanized, there are also reinforcements.

Emergency sensors 

Emergency sensors operate the brake system of the door against all kinds of accidents and do not allow accidents to occur.

Sectional door parts

Sectional doors consist of various sections by using various parts like the garage door including sandwich panels, torsion and tension spring systems, vertical and horizontal rail systems, drums, mixed-way shaft and accessories, wheel holders, safety systems, hinges, rope systems, gaskets, wheels, fasteners, automation systems.

Industrial doors and garage doors work with the same logic.

Garage door operating logic also applies to industrial doors. The door panel is closed by going down with the hinges on the sides and the spring and drum on the top by means of automation, while the panel is folded up when opening.

The sectional door, which can be used quickly from open to closed, from closed to open, fulfills the task of opening and closing with the support of carrier rope and hinges with automatic or manual system.

Industrial door types

The industrial door, which is mostly preferred for its automatic system, is of two types, the use of which is a manual system.

On/off with various alternatives

Automatic industrial doors which are mostly preferred for opening and closing works of hangars, warehouses, garages, stations, production areas, factory entrances can be opened and closed with various alternatives including remote control, smart phone, security cabinet button, loop detector, radar, wall control, Hgs and Ogs system without using any power.

Sectional door technical specifications

The steel sheet surface panels are filled with polyurethane, the panels are joined with gaskets 50-60 cm high and 41 mm thick so that the sheets do not separate.

Steel panel tests comply with ISO EN 13241-1 standards, domestically certified, wind resistance EN 12444, water tightness EN 12489 limits.

In doors larger than 6 meters, its durability is increased with support plate, hinge and long shaft wheels.

Torsion spring steels are sandblasted and painted for easy opening and closing. Spring break safety system is industrial and optional. There is a rope break safety system that prevents the door from falling.

There is a security and deadbolt locking system that directs the upward rotation when it encounters an obstacle during its downward movement. The spring set is double, side brackets, galvanized hinges, double wheel system and galvanized steel rail set.

Used for years without problems

The sectional door, which is preferred for wide industrial purposes, can be used for years without any problems when quality materials are used in its production and installed by an expert team.

Producing sectional doors with high quality, aesthetic and durable materials, Turkishdoors aims at the satisfaction of its customers with cost-effective prices that facilitate the work of its customers, increase productivity and reduce the workforce.

Differences between industrial door and garage door

Although the industrial door and the garage door are the same at many points, there are differences in height, width and beam distance between them. Thanks to this size difference, drum types, horizontal and vertical rail sets, torsion springs, automation systems and gaskets differ in the production of industrial doors and garage doors.

Equipment that should be in the company that makes sectional doors

While searching for a company that makes sectional doors, since standard size production is not efficient, it is necessary to have information about domestic goods certificate, door guarantee, spare parts production, distribution, dealer structuring, supply and prices, foreign part dependency ratio, test report, quality certificate.

Sectional door prices

Elements such as height, width, size, the difference of the materials used and the desired hardware features cause differences in the prices of sectional doors, as in every non-standard product.

Considering the advantages such as security, protection, insulation, sealing, inspection possibility, increase in efficiency, decrease in labor force, energy saving, sectional door prices can be said to be not expensive.

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